VAT Exemption

Thursday, 8 November 2007  |  Admin

VAT law provides certain reliefs for people who are “chronically sick or disabled”.

Goods within our 'Continence' product range are currently relieved from VAT when supplied to these people.

If you qualify for VAT Zero Rating you must complete the VAT Exemption Declaration Form.

There are severe penalties for making a false declaration.  If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible to claim relief from VAT, you should consult your local VAT office on 0845 010 9000 before signing the declaration.

If you are a new customer who is eligible for VAT relief, you may make one VAT-free order before completing the VAT Exemption Declaration Form.  After this, you must complete the form to claim for permanent VAT exemption on any further orders. 

To make use of this one-off VAT-free order, please use the following VAT Exemption Discount Code:

VAT Exemption Discount Code: VAT2007

The discount code can only be used on all products within our 'Continence' product range.

The discount code MUST NOT be used by those who DO NOT qualify for VAT Zero Rating. 

Instructions on how to use the Discount Code

  1. Add all of the products you would like to order to your shopping basket
  2. Click on the 'View Basket' link
  3. Take note of your current order total
  4. Enter the code VAT2007 in the box marked 'Coupon / Voucher'
  5. Click on the 'Update Basket' button
  6. VAT has now been deducted from each 'Continence' product in your order
  7. Your order total will reflect this change
  8. You may proceed to the checkout

Terms and Conditions of the Discount Code

  1. The discount code may only be used once
  2. The discount code may only be used on products within our 'Continence' product range
  3. If ordering goods from a mixture of product ranges ('Infection Prevention', 'Continence Products' and 'Personal Care'), VAT will only be deducted from products within the 'Continence' product range
  4. The discount code may be entered in either uppercase (VAT2007) or lowercase (vat2007) lettering
  5. The discount code may only be used by those who qualify for VAT Zero Rating and have not yet completed the VAT Exemption Declaration Form, or who have completed the form and are currently having their applications reviewed.