Home Cleaning & Disinfection

Ensuring that the environment you live in is as clean as possible will help to reduce the risk of infections.  Effective cleaning and hygiene practices will help to reduce the risk of micro-organisms spreading which will in turn help to protect you and the individuals you care for. 

Our range of AzoActive and AzoMaxActive products are clinically proven to kill 99.9% of micro-organisms and are effective against MRSA, E.coli and Norovirus.

Our range of cleaning and disinfection products can be used around the home for hard surface cleaning by combating bacteria and other micro-organisms.  The products are highly effective yet gentle which makes them suitable for use on hard surfaces around the home including the bathroom and kitchen.

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Sanitaire Emergency Clean Up Powder

Sanitaire Emergency Clean Up Powder£7.12

Emergency clean up powder for accidental spillages.

Clean and Clever AC1 Glass Cleaner

Clean and Clever AC1 Glass Cleaner£9.58

An aqueous blend of cleaners and degreasants manufactured to a high level of purity.

Clean and Clever Cream Cleaner Lemon

Clean and Clever Cream Cleaner Lemon£10.53

For the rapid cleaning and polishing of all stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, laminates and enamel.

Clean and Clever Furniture Polish Aerosol

Clean and Clever Furniture Polish Aerosol£8.90

A superior silicone based spray polish for furniture, tiles, marble, stainless steel, and most plastic and vinyl coated material.

Flash All Purpose Lemon Liquid

Flash All Purpose Lemon Liquid£15.42

A multipurpose cleaner suitable for use on most washable hard surfaces offering brilliant cleaning power and freshness.

Flash Sanitary Multi Purpose Cleaner

Flash Sanitary Multi Purpose Cleaner£21.38

Ready to use spray for daily cleaning of washroom surfaces. Flash bathroom solutions
prevents lime scale deposit build-up which can help reduce time spent deep-cleaning your bathroom area – saving on water and chemical consumption.

Ozofresh Air Purifier Plug In Each£53.85

This unique environmentally air care product is small and easy to use, making it perfect for everyday use in your home and work place to eliminate unpleasant smells with no masking.

The Ozofresh PlugIn can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, offices areas, reception areas, lounges and caravans. More information on the applications page about eradicating odours without using harmful chemicals, scented oils or expensive refills.

W&P Toilet Cleaner

W&P Toilet Cleaner£10.00

A delicately balanced perfumed toilet maintainer which will leave your toilet fresh and clean. Comes in a pack of 12.

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